Dioguardi Auto Sales Inc.

3800 West Henrietta Road Suite 1 Rochester, NY 14623

Meet the Staff of Dioguardi Auto Sales, Inc.

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Tom Dioguardi - Owner

585-266-9000 - dioguardias@rochester.rr.com

Tom Dioguardi is the President and Founder of Dioguardi Auto Sales.  I started selling cars out of my driveway back in 1978, and never looked back.  One constant I believe in to this day, is to buy the nicest cars I can, from out of state and bring them back to Rochester.  The other constant is to always do the right thing for my customers.  It's one thing to sell a car to someone, it's a whole other level of commitment to maintain and keep them happy through the years.  I truly appreciate each and every customer and friend I have made in my 40 plus years in this business.  In February of 2020 we moved to a brand new location at 3800 West Henrietta Road, soon we will be offering service and repairs for all of your automotive needs.  I look forward to helping you soon. 

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Tom Dioguardi II - Office Mananger

585-404-0503 - Dioguardias@gmail.com

After graduating from SUNY Oswego in 2004 I went on a few job interviews and realized the only thing I'd ever really want to do was to bring my family business into the decades to come.  I have been working side by side with my father for over 20 years, my earliest memories go back even more that actually. I remember washing cars with my brother for $5 each, if we wanted to go to work with Dad he'd give us a hose, some soap and a wash-mitt and we'd go to work.  I certainly love what I do, I love showing people their new cars, I love helping them find the right car, and teaching them all the new features their car now has to offer.  Since we moved to our new location at 3800 West Henrietta road we have now added exotic and ultra-luxury vehicles to our inventory.  Cars like Porsche, Ferrari, Bentley and Rolls Royce have always been my passion, I love these cars and look forward to helping someone find their dream car, the way I have found my dream career.  Please call me if you have any questions about anything related to cars in general, if I can't help you I'll do my best to find someone that can.    

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Wrigley - Director of First Impressions

- instagram@mrwrigley585.pup

Mr. Wrigley is a Mini Golden-doodle.  He joined the staff in 2017 and loves seeing customers every day.  He loves being pet, playing fetch, and treats.  He is super friendly and loves people.  When he is not at work, he loves being pet, playing fetch and running around in circles in his big living room.  Come in and say hi to him anytime, he usually works Monday - Wednesday.